System Design


  • If approved by the SSC, proposers of a system design will be funded to proceed to this phase.
  • Develop system design requirements
  • Assess and develop system designs for the most challenging aspects of the instrument
  • Hold a friendly review of the science and technical cases
  • Work with WMKO staff to establish requirements for the location, interfaces, operations, long-term maintenance, and establish the process for the instrument development steps including the review needs.
  • Refine the science case as needed.
  • End products:
    • Refined science cases
    • System designs for the instrument that are advanced from the conceptual designs
    • Documentation that shows that technical risks have been identified and an approach to reduce risk is planned.
    • Preliminary Budget and schedule for the full scale development through commissioning and ready for external review.
    • Work break down structure and preliminary management plan.
    • A presentation to the SSC and request to move to the proposal phase.